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During the online discussion, various statements will be made, which are the personal opinions of the people and these will not reflect the policy of or our sponsors. has shared its moderation guidelines and it has the absolute right to remove the offensive comments from the site on our own discretion. does not create the contents or the news but its members presents the news taken from the reliable and authentic sources or links. Only authenticated news and links are allowed to be shared, otherwise any such news on the form will be deleted by the moderators of after coming into knowledge. For any copyrights issues, you can contact us via sending us email at admin @ anytime.

There are some rules, which will govern the discussion forums on The interested participants should read them carefully before taking part in the discussions. Your participation in the discussion forums depends on your agreement that you will obey these rules:

If you want to participate in the discussion then you are responsibile for ensuring the authenticity of the material you post at the website inlcuding text, image or any kind of multimedia content and avoid violation of the copyright, trademark, patent, personal or the proprietary rights and the material is posted with the permissions of the owner having such rights.

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The participants should note that sharing or embedding of video is allowed from Dailymotion, Youtube, Facebook and Vimeo (Just to ensure and no copy right content will be displayed on the site).

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The discussion forum messages must shared new ideas and this material should not be repeated post, as previously.

The participants must create all discussion forum topics with proper case and they must not use caps and special characters to get the attention of the viewers.

Moderators may delete the messages, which astray from topics or do not consists of new ideas, to maintain the high quality of the contents.

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The participants violating the rules, will be remove from the site without giving any warning.

The editorial board of can change the rules from time to time.

These terms of use are subject to change and should be reviewed regularly. If you need to know more in details then please send private message to Forum Admin nick "Admin" or send via contact us forum.



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